We come across children begging or trying to sell products on the streets every day; We often wonder where these children come from, where they live, and what we can do to help them.

Over 3 million children are living in the streets in India. These children live in the slum area surrounding major metropolitan cities with their parents completely relying on daily wage work to meet their household. Clearly their parents are uneducated and they are put on the streets due to financial crisis at home.

Though, our government has been running free of cost education programs via millions of govt. schools established throughout the country yet there are over 6 million children who are out of School in our country according to data published by UNICEF.

The major identified reasons why these children are completely out of education system are:

  • No Permanent address,
  • Uneducated parents,
  • Financial crisis at home,
  • No nearby govt. schools,
  • Lack of attention at a the govt schools due to overcrowding.
  • Lack of proper documentation such as Aadhar card.

How we address these problems?

We tackle these problems not as a whole but provide individual and tailor-made solutions. We are running a public inclusion program where over 4000 SFA volunteers are dedicating their time and conducting evening classes in over 250 cities across the country.

Our Volunteers convince the parents to send their children to a school instead of using them as an earning hand.

We help these children acquire the necessary documentation to get an admission in a private school or govt. school.

We help these children apply and get admission into a private schools to under the RTE act.

We also try to raise funds for the education in the nearby private school. We conduct evening classes for the children at our learning centers.

At the learning center, children take their first step towards elementary education, they are taught to read and write alphabets , count numbers, make their first words, know their favorite animals by name etc.

These classes help the enrolled children cope up with the fast paced environment at school.

Life for children living in slum areas is quite difficult. At learning centers we try our best to give these children a normal childhood. We engage children in social activities,encourage them to develop and pursue hobbies, teach performing arts, and celebrate national and public holidays with the children. Learning centers create an environment of love and learning so that children do not engage in activities like begging, or fall prey to substance abuse.