Smile for all is an independent, Non-Profit organization works for providing education to underprivileged students.

Undoubtedly we know education is the only tool to fight with poverty and that’s drive us to the final conclusion that we can spread peace and prosperity in the society only through the education.

Initially started with 3 kids back in 2017 now empowering 500 plus kids in 2021
Smile for all is registered in 2019 by the name of smile for all society.

What is Child Sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is one of the best ways to give children better lives and futures.

Sponsoring a child through smile for all is one of the most effective, inspiring and rewarding ways to help children. You’ll be doing much more than helping to meet children’s basic needs – you’ll be helping to equip them for life. By bringing about lasting change in your sponsored child’s community, you’ll also be improving the lives of many other vulnerable children.

When you sponsor a child, you will receive photograph of your sponsored child, information about your child, child’s family and community, monthly report indicating the progress of your child,

Why it is Important?

When somebody is keen to change the life of many, funds are the biggest obstacles

Few people funds and time can only change the life of few, to change the life of millions of underprivileged children’s, it requires a revolution. And a revolution can only be driven by thousands of helping hand.

Anyone can donate any percentage of their salary or if not they can give daily 1 hrs their time to change the life of these underprivileged students.